Changing Sorrow to Joy: From Growing Up Fatherless to Having a Great Dad for My Kids by Heather Holter

Father's Day
5 years ago

Changing Sorrow to Joy: From Growing Up Fatherless to Having a Great Dad for My Kids

My dad died suddenly of a heart attack when he was 43. I was 9 years old. Every Father's Day was sad for me growing up, until I had my own kids and could celebrate the dad my husband was to my kids.

I was always jealous of kids with dads and as an adult I was very sad on Father's Day. The day we became parents that all changed. After 17 years without a dad I could celebrate Father's Day with joy.

I still miss my Dad each year but there is joy in watching the father of my kids with them. He is the best father I could want for my kids. He plays with the kids, plans fun activities, makes them lunch on weekends, talks to each kid every night he is home before bed, and give lots of kisses, hugs and “I love yous!” His kids and I are his world.

He works very hard to support five kids but still makes time for everyone. He is a great provider. He also makes sure they know how to work and takes time to say prayers with them and for them. He's never minded being in charge at home when I had somewhere I needed or wanted to go. When the kids were small he was a great reader, rocker and diaper changer – now that they are older he is a great listener and supporter.

I wouldn't trade my husband for anything! He is a gem!

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Elisa Schmitz
What a wonderful way to look at it, Heather Holter . You lost your dad but gained an amazing father of your children. Happy Father’s Day to him - he sounds wonderful! 💗
Heather Holter
Thank You! I have always believed that outlook is everything! If you have a positive outlook you have a positive life!

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