Want to Write a Book? Here's a Secret to Help Get You Started! by Keri De Deo

6 years ago

Want to Write a Book? Here's a Secret to Help Get You Started!

When I tell people that I'm an editor and writer, people respond by saying they want to write a book, but they just don't know where to start. Yes, Lewis Carroll said, "Begin at the beginning," but it's not as simple as that.

Editors and agents want the beginning of a book to capture its audience from the first sentence and to entice the reader to continue to the end. That's a daunting task. So, of course, if thinking about this beginning, you'll never begin. Rather than "begin at the beginning," begin writing where your idea starts. You can figure out the beginning later.

Diana Gabaldon, a favorite writer of mine, speaks about "kernels." These are small snapshots of characters, descriptions, etc. – short sentences that start an idea. From there, she develops these ideas into larger and longer texts. Sometimes, these ideas make it into the book, but sometimes, they hit the editing floor. That's OK.

Every thought you have about a book or a character or an idea does not have to end up in the book. It doesn't mean it's not valuable. It simply means that it's not meant for the reader right then. Hold on to those pieces, though, because they could be useful in the future!

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Elisa Schmitz
Oh, excellent point, Keri De Deo ! So very true. Writers write! Kaira Rouda gave similar advice to writers today in this interview: mom: #30Seconds Live: Best-Selling Author Kaira Rouda and Her Latest Book "Best Day Ever"
Keri De Deo
Awesome! Thanks for sharing that link!
Melissa Hurt
As an editor, can you let us in on the process a bit? Once a book is shared with an editorial team, how long does it usually take for the editor to get back to the author on whether they are going to adopt it or not?
Keri De Deo
The trick is patience. It can take months for an editor to get back to you--it depends on how high the reading pile is. Once they've accepted the manuscript, then there are more edits for the author to make, and it will take about a year before the book gets published--again, this depends on the size of the publishing company. It could take longer.

I hope that helps! Perhaps that will be my next tip!
Ann Marie Patitucci
The same is true of agents. It may take months for some agents to get back to you, some may never respond, and some may send a form reply.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks for this great advice, Keri De Deo !
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