Diversity in Early Childhood Education: Why We Need to Learn From Our Kids by Danzel Blash

Diversity in Early Childhood Education: Why We Need to Learn From Our Kids

As I write this in March of 2018, Congress is deadlocked on negotiating an agreement for a segment of Americans known as “Dreamers” to have permanent residency in the U.S. The stories of Dreamers often get overshadowed by political agendas, and thus we lose sight of the people being affected. 

I am reminded of my time working in a South Bronx Head-Start. On any given day, you could walk into one of our classrooms and you would not see labels titled “Dreamers.” You would see a diverse group of children playing amongst each other, whether it’s building zoos for their animals or building ramps to launch monster trucks. These children are problem solving, together. What was once an assortment of magnets and blocks are now structures and tools. When free play is over and hands are washed, the children sit and have lunch and talk and laugh, together.

This is what is important about diversity in early childhood play: the realization that cooperation with each other achieves more. Furthermore, it is the realization that deep down, we are all the same. These children are building friendships and experiences that will shape, and improve, the future of our nation, a nation of inclusivity.

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Kha Ketter
So often children teach us how we should interact in a world full of diversity. Child play is an important part of development. As you stated in your article they are problem solving. This affords them the opportunities to see how others think and to use critical thinking. Thanks for enlightening others about the importance of observing our children as they play.
Mike Prochaska
Love this. We should follow Children’s lead
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
You are so right, Danzel Blash . Our kids have so much to offer. We should listen to them and learn from them. Thanks for sharing this with us. Welcome to the tribe!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
YES! Such truth here, Danzel Blash . We can learn so much from our children. And we need to let them show us the way. They bring me hope. Thank you for sharing this, and welcome to our tribe. So excited to learn and grow with you!
Stephanie Cannoe
Amen! We can together.
Michael Kennedy
Great piece Danzel. Agree with you 100%.
Cassandra Lee Jones
Beautifully said Danzel! Very well done.

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