Parents, Here's How to Get Your Kids Excited About Anything (Really!) by Brian Mackenzie

Fun With Dad
6 years ago

We travel around with a unicycle and a stroller, but the parking garage we pass has always been exciting. This parking garage has a special place in our hearts. One of the landmarks we pass on our trips to Gramma's house, it was one of the first examples I stumbled across of “introducing excitement” to kids and how easy it is.

Wow! You know what that is??? A PARKING GARAGE!!

Week after week, looking for the parking garage and staring at/studying it as we passed, it just became “our thing.” He was excited to point it out, started to gauge where we were on our bus trip because of it.

I’ve taken him up and down with our previous stroller (and smaller unicycle), and he remembers having done it before, but he was pretty small when we did it. I think he only remembers me telling him about us having been up and down it. This time the excitement was all about the roof. He also learned how to work the camera for a proper video! 

How to get kids to be excited about something? Be excited about it. Is it not exciting? Look harder!

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Elisa Schmitz
OK, this is pure joy on wheels, Brian Mackenzie ! You have got to be one of the funnest dads on the planet. I love this video. You guys are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing the happy! 😀
Brian Mackenzie
thanks!! i just got back from a similar ride (~90mins?) with his little sister that ended with a stop at the tim hortons (that's canadian for dunkin donuts). she passed me a napkin. i wiped my mouth with it and threw it out. she burst into tears. we finished the ride home to the sound of loud crying until she went to bed....i still have no idea what i was supposed to do with the napkin :D she had fun right up until i did whatever i did....(also i just found out with one kid it's much faster to have the strolller on it's back wheels :D
Elisa Schmitz
Oh, my! Life with kids, LOL!! #yourock Brian Mackenzie
Mike Prochaska
So true my kids got excited about dumpsters and pigeons when we went downtown and had to walk from parking spot to navy pier asked them there favorite part of the dual and they said the dumpsters
Brian Mackenzie
ha ha, i remember walking to walmart to get some birdseed for the ducks (first duck feeding)...and we walked past a group of seagulls, and i was like, why aren't these birds to throw food at just as neat?? :D

they didn't go for the birdseed but loved the stroller baby snacks we had on us :)
Mike Prochaska
Yeah what birds don’t love kid snacks

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