Want to Teach Your Kids to Play Chess? This Simple Idea Will Point You in the Right Direction by Brian Mackenzie

Fun With Dad
6 years ago

Having cats, I have cat lasers. Having a new chess learner at home, I thought, "Why not a chess laser?" Allow kids to visualize available move options with ease – and without knocking pieces out of the way!

I don't have a track record on this one yet, but as soon as the dot landed on the board I wished I was introduced to chess with a laser!

(Press button super quietly or you risk the board being cleared by cat!)

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Donna John
Great idea, Brian Mackenzie ! I used to play chess as a kid. Can't remember the rules anymore. It may be time to buy a chess set.
Elisa Schmitz
Love chess! Taught my three kids to play and they were all in Chess Club at school. What a great game for strategic thinking. Thanks for sharing this great idea, Brian Mackenzie !
Ann Marie Patitucci
Good idea! My son just turned 8 and started Chess Club at school this past fall. I don’t play myself but he plays with Dad and big brother. This idea would be very helpful as they help him to improve at home! Thanks, Brian Mackenzie !
Chef Gigi
Whoa! What a great idea! My daughter is teaching me - this will really come in handy! TYSM!
there is another very interesting in and in addition he offers a very good chess guide...

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