Education & Fitness? The Best Playground for Kids Is a Skate Park During School Hours! by Brian Mackenzie

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6 years ago

Had we not passed it on a whim, I might never have discovered the kids' absolute favorite playground. I wish I had known about these when my kids were learning to crawl. Do your kids love to run? Jump? Climb? Explore? Forget wondering if your kids should or should not climb up the slides at the playground.

Take them to the skate park! It doesn't even matter if they (or you) have ever skateboarded before. If you have skateboarded, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you haven't thought about going there before, your kids are going to the most interesting playgrounds available. A playground where they choose what's there. Each time they go.

Let them find and challenge their own boundaries and limits in as many different ways as they want. Don't worry, there's no other kids there to stand in line behind to slide after, no one is ever there during school hours.

Gravity, momentum, centrifugal force, concrete, slopes, geometry... Pick a topic and let your kids play. Don't worry that there will be no other kids there for them to play with. They won't even be looking for them.

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Donna John
My kids used to love skate parks, Brian Mackenzie . Little ones could roll balls up and down the slopes or "drive" their Matchbox cars. Fun idea! We have one right up the road, but it's always so crowded on the weekend. Great tip to go when the older kids are in school. Welcome to the tribe! Look forward to reading more from you.
Brian Mackenzie
agreed! we have brought many different balls with us...when isn't rolling balls down things fun! can't do it when it's too busy though, would hate to take out a skateboarder :)
Nicole DeAvilla
Great idea and how fun! Welcome to the tribe!
Elisa Schmitz
How fun is this?! Thanks for sharing such a great idea, I never would have thought of it. Welcome to our tribe, Brian Mackenzie . We look forward to learning and growing with you!
Brian Mackenzie
hi, why isn't the video i included in the post? and stock images used instead of the one i uploaded? pics and vids are the main content of my posts :(
Mike Prochaska
Donna John can u post his videos? He posts some amazing videos of kiddos at the skate park. I hoping he will share his storm trooper on a unicycle one too it awesome Brian Mackenzie
Brian Mackenzie
woops, you seem you have to upload a photo in order for a photo to be displayed, looks like i'm growing already :) sorry! :)
Mike Prochaska
Yes I love this tip from Brian Mackenzie he is always doing amazing things with his kids at the skate parks. He has been posting some amazing videos of his kids at the skate park on twitter. He inspired me last summer to take my kids to the skate park with there big wheels and they ride them around in the skate park. #kidstoparks They love speeding down the smaller sized ramps. Jjsmith0621 Teacher Karen L. L. Walters
Brian Mackenzie
wow, thanks mike! i didn't realize you went because of me! (i'm sure you told me, but you know memories and stuff!)

I can't believe how much they have progressed since first going there! if any parents haven't gotten their little kids a scooter, wait for my next vids! :)

i love that those scooters are like a skateboard with a safety handle :)
Mike Prochaska
Can’t wait for your near video!
Donna John
There was a little confusion about what we needed for videos, but Brian Mackenzie and I got it all figured out. So, hoping to see lots more videos and tips from him, Mike Prochaska ! Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Elisa Schmitz
Oh my goodness, that video is awesome, Brian Mackenzie ! Wow!! 👍👍
Brian Mackenzie
thanks! it did cost me her shirt though :D #skateParkClothes
Mike Prochaska
Pan Laxsmi do the kids in your classrooms love the skate park ?
Teacher Karen
Skate parks are great--every community should invest in one!
Brian Mackenzie
our city has 350,000 and there seems to be a skate park in each of the main sections and they are all unique. there should be one by every park though :) (we have no indoor ones)
Teacher Karen
That's awesome--Seattle does have an indoor one, but I'm actually glad we don't have more...the rain we have isn't usually so bad to prevent getting outside
Mike Prochaska
Wow indoor skate park that would be awesome for when it in the negatives in winter and my kids won’t go outside
Brian Mackenzie
are they wearing the proper stuff? have they slacklined in the snow? :)

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