Winter Skin Care: 5 Tips to Help Avoid Dry Skin! by Mei Marcie

Skin Care
2 years ago
Winter Skin Care: 5 Tips to Help Avoid Dry Skin!

When skin is dry, it may be itchy and flaky – and definitely doesn't look good. Here are five tips to avoid dry skin! 

  • Moisturize right after showering. This helps retain more moisture on the skin and reduce loss from the shower. 
  • Avoid hot and long showers. It may be relaxing, but it's definitely drying for skin. 
  • Use a gentle cleanser and avoid soap. Also avoid fragrance or ingredients that irritate the skin. 
  • Humidify the room. Sleeping in a dry room strips moisture from the skin. 
  • Wear sunscreen and lip balm! 

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Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Thanks for this great advice, Mei Marcie ! I'm going to have trouble cutting back on my hot, long showers, but I'll try! :)
Sheri B Doyle
I make my own shower oil with almond oil and essential oil to put on right after the shower. It helps so much and smells so good!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Wow. That sounds like a tip in the making, Sheri B Doyle ! Pretty please? Thank you!

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