Mascara Is For More Than Just Your Lashes: Try This Clever Beauty Hack by Cecilia Cannon

6 years ago

Mascara Is For More Than Just Your Lashes: Try This Clever Beauty Hack

I will never forget being 10 years old and spending New Year's at the legendary Nick's Fishmarket in Chicago. I went to the little girls' room and I saw this glamorous lady touching up her makeup. 

I stared as she re-applied her mascara (she was a brunette with dark lashes). Immediately after she reapplied her mascara, she brushed her eyebrows with the same mascara brush. Now, every morning, I:

  • Brush and shape my eyebrows just as she did.

No need to tattoo my eyebrows when I get them done every morning with my very own mascara. Simple, quick and easy.

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