Looking Tired? How to Apply Mascara to Make You Look Refreshed and Awake! by Cheryl Leahy

7 years ago

Looking Tired? How to Apply Mascara to Make You Look Refreshed and Awake!

Whether you got your eight hours or are barely surviving on two, this method of applying mascara can keep you looking refreshed and awake. 

  • Start with clean lashes - no residue from yesterday's mascara.
  • Take your eyelash curler and start at the tip - pump it a dozen times, don't simply hold it down. (I learned this from celebrity makeup artist Stephen Dimmick!)
  • Repeat mid-lash and at the roots.
  • Grab a volumizing mascara and wipe excess off the end of the wand. Place wand at the roots, wiggle and slowly blink to fully coat lashes.
  • Point wand at your eye to "paint" any hard-to-reach lashes.
  • Go through one more time and direct lashes toward your nose. 

You will look instantly more awake, regardless of what mom duties you had to tend to the night before!

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Christine Jones
Thank you Cheryl Leahy ! I can definitely use this tip! I'm going to try it now. And that L'Oreal Voluminous mascara is like magic in a tube as well!
Elisa Schmitz
How'd you know I needed this bright-eyed tip, Cheryl Leahy? Glad to know it's not just me who needs it, though, LOL! Christine Jones
Cat K
And don't forget to use a nude eyeliner on your bottom water line. Also makes the eyes seem bigger than they really are and hence, more awake!
Elisa Schmitz
Never knew this, Cat K ! Thanks for sharing. Consider submitting your tips and join our tribe! 😀

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