Vetiver: Dr. Sarah Villafranco on the Skin-Care Benefits of the "Oil of Tranquility" by Belinda Lichty Clarke

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6 years ago

Vetiver: Dr. Sarah Villafranco on the Skin-Care Benefits of the "Oil of Tranquility"

After 10 years of practicing medicine, emergency room physician Dr. Sarah Villafranco channeled her love of chemistry and turned it into a new endeavor – natural skin care. 30Seconds Beauty talked with Dr. Villafranco about the benefits of vetiver, one of the key ingredients in her Water Body Oil.

Q. Where does vetiver come from?

“Vetiver is grown in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Java, India and Haiti. It is called the ‘oil of tranquility’ due to its calming action on the mind when inhaled.”

Q. What are the benefits of vetiver?

“Vetiver is used to treat stress and tension, both mental and muscular. It has a soothing effect on the nervous system and can help create a feeling of stability and wellness.”

Q. How does vetiver work in skin care?

“Vetiver is helpful in oily or acneic skin conditions, helping tone the skin and decrease breakouts. It can also be useful in wound healing applications. It is safe for use on the skin in properly diluted formulations and is not phototoxic in the sun.”

Massage the Water Body Oil into wet skin. The oil is $20 for small size and $64 for large at

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Elisa Schmitz
Wow, this sounds amazing. I want to try it. Thank you for this interview, Belinda Lichty Clarke !

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