How to Achieve the Best Bikini Skin Zone: 4 Tips If You Choose Waxing! by 30Seconds Beauty

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9 days ago
How to Achieve the Best Bikini Skin Zone: 4 Tips If You Choose Waxing!

Does your bikini zone need attention? Jenya Titova, instructor to asthetic mentors and physician’s assistant to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Hochstein of Hochstein MedSpa in Miami, Fla., dishes out the dos and don’ts for perfect bikini zone skin. Here are four tips if waxing is for you!

  • The key to successful waxing is skin prep a week before the waxing is scheduled. Exfoliation and moisturizing are essential. “You want the skin to be supple and not dry. It’s much less painful to wax skin that is moist as opposed to dry,” explains Jenya.
  • Find the right wax. Hard wax is usually a honey color and is peeled by the technician using her hand, as opposed to the paper strips used to remove soft wax. It is commonly said that hard wax is less painful and better for skin. There is also sugar wax, and many other varieties that boast different benefits.
  • Make sure your hair is long enough. “This is often a downside to waxing. Hair should be at least one-fourth of an inch long for wax to catch it. Many women never allow hair to grow this long making waxing a more difficult option especially if hair is coarse,” says Jenya.
  • Don’t shave in between sessions. Shaved hair grows back harder and coarser, as opposed to waxed hair, which grows back thinner each time. Shaving in between sessions ruins the benefits of waxing. 

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