Age activist, Martha Beck Institute-Certified Life Coach, and health coach Lisa Levine reached a turning point when she turned 50. She spent years working her dream job in the music video department at a major record label, then ran the video division of an LA production company, and later started a business in Seattle as an agent for directors and their companies. But she always had a sneaking suspicion that something else was calling her name.

Getting through a diagnosis of Graves Disease (a thyroid autoimmune condition), infertility (she first became a mom through IVF), and raising a daughter with Hashimoto's Disease, sparked a passion within Levine to use food for healing. This was audacious for her because it required her step out of her comfort zone and learn to enjoy veggies beyond carrot sticks. And that bold move turned her “midlife meaning-of-life crisis” when she was tired of her career into taking a leap of faith into the coaching world. Becoming a coach met her vociferous craving for more meaning in her life and she had found what she can bring to the table (literally and metaphorically).

Today, Levine shares tools to help people understand and move beyond their fears, shift their perspectives and, first and foremost, how to truly pay attention to what they are thinking, feeling and doing to get un-stuck and move towards the lives they truly want to be living, even if they don’t know what that looks like yet. She added her passion for all things food-related by getting certified as a Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. With knowledge of over 100 different dietary theories, Levine teaches clients strategies to create new habits and lifestyle changes. As a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, she also helps people eat in a way that best supports their bodies through a variety of things—like menopause.

Her new book, "Midlife, No Crisis: An Audacious Guide to Embracing 50 and Beyond" (Indelible Editions, February 2, 2021), empowers women to do something different when what they’re doing is no longer working. The secret to owning this next chapter of your life: Finding the audaciousness in and around you.

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