Glenn and Lee Perry founded Samadhi Tank Co. and the commercial floatation tank industry in 1972. In their new book, “Floating in Quiet Darkness: How the Floatation Tank Has Changed Our Lives and Is Changing the World,” they tell how floatation tanks help people reboot the brain, access deep calm, and invigorate childlike creativity.

Glenn grew up on a farm and became a systems computer programmer. He had a life-changing experience when he floated in the tank invented by his mentor, Dr. John C. Lilly. In 1972 Glenn designed the first commercial isolation tank based upon Lilly’s specifications, and in his own innovation, added enough salt to the water to allow people to float effortlessly.

Convinced of the tank’s ability to change people’s consciousness for the better, the Perrys began offering floating to first-timers at their California home in 1973, and opened the first commercial floatation tank center in 1979. They have spent their lives perfecting distraction-free float tanks used in hundreds of floatation tank centers worldwide. “Floating in Quiet Darkness” includes a selection of vivid personal narratives and photos depicting the depth and breadth of experiences people encounter when floating.

Glenn also has strong interests in biodynamic farming, sustainable living, and personal development. Lee has been a dancer, a student, and a professional teacher of special needs children. Lee and Glenn live in Grass Valley, Calif.; Lee has three adult children who have supported Samadhi over the years.

tips by Glenn and Lee

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