Elizabeth was born and raised in Pasadena and currently lives in Orange Country, CA. She would love to tell you that she grew up shadowing her grandmother in the kitchen and absorbing coveted recipes. But in fact, she remembers eating a lot of Shake ‘n Bake and Hamburger Helper as a kid.

When she was in high school, Elizabeth got a job at Williams Sonoma and has since come full circle – her cookbook “Everyday Entertaining” is sold at Williams Sonoma and her recipes have been featured on the company’s social media platforms. In college, Elizabeth discovered her passion for cooking and photography and started a blog called The College Housewife in 2015 to channel her creativity. She loved to cook and make treats for her college roommates. Elizabeth worked in LA as an event planner for a year before deciding that she wanted to work for herself. She built an impressive clientele, and works as a food stylist and food photographer with brands like Roth Cheese, Taylor farms, and Jennie-O, to name a few.

Elizabeth’s cookbook, “Everyday Entertaining,” (Priced at $20.00 and available at Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble) would make the perfect gift paired with baked goods or a bottle of wine this holiday season and features 110 recipes for going all out when you’re staying in. You’ll find trade secrets for whipping up effortless appetizers, serving spritzy cocktails, tackling the infamous holiday turkey, and baking winter-spiced cinnamon rolls for the morning after. Tips interspersed throughout focus on make-ahead prep and alternative cooking options. For a memorable party, Everyday Entertaining has got your back.

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