Cordarrius Green is the CEO of the internationally recognized cooking channel “Cord and the Kitchen.” For Cord, cooking was a way to bond with his grandmothers when he would visit them in Mississippi during his summer breaks. Beyond pots, pans, and an amazing dish; a good home cooked meal can often bring people together in ways that a 5-star restaurant couldn't.

Whether you enjoy cooking, but struggle with adding creativity into your dishes, don't know how to cook, or see cooking as a chore; Cord and the Kitchen takes care of all those issues. The mission was and still is to impart my enthusiasm for cooking to others and show the simplicity of turning ingredients into an art at home.

Through avenues such as YouTube, Instagram (@cordandthekitchen), self-published cookbooks, and cooking classes; the positive impact has spread like wildfire. Whether you are completely new to the kitchen needing to learn the basics or an experienced cook, “Cord and the Kitchen” has you covered with easy-to-follow recipes, great vibes, and an intimate community.

tips by Cordarrius