Mar Y Cielo Restaurant in Zihuatenejo, Mexico: The Most Romantic Dinner in the World by Sheri B Doyle

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6 years ago

Mar Y Cielo Restaurant in Zihuatenejo, Mexico: The Most Romantic Dinner in the World

Whenever I want to remember one of the most romantic and incredible evenings of my life, I always think back to dinner at the Mar Y Cielo Restaurant in Zihuatenejo, Mexico. It has turned out to be the most incredible dinner with my husband we have shared.

Imagine sitting down for dinner on a cliff side overlooking the ocean in a Mexican fishing village. The sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, a small sailboat out in the distance breaking the orange, pink and yellow lines of the sky. There is a cool evening breeze as the moon emerges amidst the stars lighting the evening sky. Elegantly set tables are lit with candles as the waiters unobtrusively anticipate your every need.

As we ate the delectable, freshly prepared and artfully displayed food, we were engulfed by the moment, the mood and each other. It is an experience like nothing else I have had in this world.

The soft quiet music coupled with the sound of the crashing waves transported us away from reality and into a magical place. We were reminded of how important it is to experience wonderful things together. A few quiet hours when there was nothing but us, relaxed and quiet with nowhere to go that could be more perfect. 

Our dinner at Mar Y Cielo, which is in La Casa Que Canta, was a lesson in how carefully prepared food, thoughtful ambiance and taking a few hours just for each other can create bonds, which weave the fabric of our lives with beautiful threads. 

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Donna John
Just added it to my ever-growing list! Sounds amazing! Sheri B Doyle
Elisa Schmitz
Just wow, Sheri B Doyle . This looks incredible. I can't wait to go, thank you for sharing! :-)

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