Italy Vacation: An Italian Adventure Is the Trip of a Lifetime! by Charlene Torkelson

10 months ago
Italy Vacation: An Italian Adventure Is the Trip of a Lifetime!

Italy has always fascinated me. Maybe my art degree created a desire to see the masters, or my love of pizza and wine drew me to the culinary side of the country. No matter the reason, when the event planners in my office told me about their annual trip to Italy, I decided this was the vacation I needed. Not once, but twice.

Our group of 12 arrived at the airport in Rome and traveled to Umbria, a trip to the north for a week-long stay in a hilltop retreat. Each day started with a yoga session followed by activities which included tours to a buffalo farm, a chocolate factory, winery, museums, bee keeper, local festivals and shopping. In addition, we had cooking classes, massages and more yoga. Every evening we had a four-course dinner, stimulating conversations and wine. Lots and lots of wine.

This was the most relaxing, enjoyable trip(s) imaginable. There were no worries about schedules or travel. No need to decide where to go or what to eat. Plans were made for us according to our wish lists. Italy is beautiful, and the people are wonderful. The scenery is fantastic. The food and wine are the best! I highly recommend this adventure.

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Donna John
I could not agree more, Charlene Torkelson ! I was in Italy almost three years ago. Would not have come back if my family hadn't been here! lol Cannot wait to go back. What were your favorite places?
Charlene Torkelson
We were fortunate to visit many of the towns and cities around Umbria, so I loved all of them. I actually enjoyed the smaller cities better than Rome. They were so picturesque.
Julie Rose
I would love to go to Italy
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
So gorgeous! I have not been yet, but this trip sounds absolutely perfect. Was this an organized trip or did you guys plan it yourselves? Sounds amazing, Charlene Torkelson !
Charlene Torkelson
I am actually sitting here with the woman who put together these trips. She does event planning and has her office in my office building. The Italy trip was an annual event for about six years. This year it will not happen, but maybe again next year. I would love to go back. The best, most relaxing vacation possible! Oh, and fun, fun, fun!
Sheri B Doyle
Italy is such an amazing country! Your experience sounds perfect. I would love to know what small towns you visited, always looking for ideas on what to see that is off the beaten track.
Charlene Torkelson
We stayed in Umbertide and traveled to towns within a 45 minute trip distance - Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto, and Gubbio - as well as rural sites. We visited a chocolate factory, beekeeper, buffalo farm, vineyard, and apple orchard in addition to the museums, shops, and chapels.
Fiona Whiley
Sounds fabulous! I stayed in Orvieto when we visited Umbria, and it was so beautiful.

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