Air Travel With Kids: 3 Tips for Surviving Flying With Little Ones! by Jen Imbaro

Traveling With Kids
5 years ago

Air Travel With Kids: 3 Tips for Surviving Flying With Little Ones!

Air travel with a young child might seem like a daunting proposition. The first time I flew as a solo parent with my preschooler was all the way across the pond to visit family! Here are a few tips we used to survive the trip:

  • Airplane entertainment: I pack a tote full of “surprises” gathered from the dollar store. Party favors work great, too! We've gone through stickers, stamps, gel window clings (just be kind to the flight crew and try to take them with you when you go), Matchbox cars, small building sets, fidget gadgets and more. Dole out one new surprise every half hour.
  • Pockets: It’s often key to have your phone, passport or something else handy. Stashing those in a pocket minimizes the effort needed to access items quickly, often while holding the hand of your little one. My favorite is a LuLaRoe Sarah cardigan – it’s a great blanket on the plane, too!
  • Spinner Carry-on: With a lot to schelp, and possibly a long customs line at the end of your journey, spinners are easier to manipulate, and act as a dolly for other belongings as you navigate the airport. As an added bonus, they can usually be manipulated by a little one while you handle the bigger bags.

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Elisa Schmitz
These are great travel tips, Jen Imbaro ! I also packed little, inexpensive surprises for the kids to unwrap. Saved the day on many occasions, LOL!
Vicki Putnam Pompa
Carry-on luggage with spinner wheels can get you through those long immigration lines smiling!
Elisa Schmitz
Agreed, Vicki Putnam Pompa , spinner wheel luggage saves my travel life! ✈️

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