Pike Place Market in Seattle, Wash., Is a Must-See (Watch Out for Flying Fish)! by Elisa Schmitz

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7 years ago

Pike Place Market in the heart of Seattle, Wash., is a wonderfully inviting place to take your family, or to stroll with your partner or a dear friend. Open 363 days a year, Pike Place was founded in 1907 to connect citizens and farmers. Today, its “Meet the Producer” tradition boasts a year-round farmers' market, owner-operated bakeries, fish markets, butcher shops, produce stands and specialty food stores. By cutting out the middlemen, you deal directly with the producers of locally grown produce and seafood. Bonus: They're super friendly and you may make a new friend!

Warning: Don't go there if you're hungry (unless you want to eat a ton)! With more than 200 vendors and 80 restaurants ranging from take-out to fine dining, you'll leave with your belly (and shopping bag) full.

But the absolute must-see are the fish throwers. Yes, they actually throw fresh-caught fish – to each other and to shoppers looking to buy their catch of the day. Don't worry if you try to grab one and it slips right through your hands. Flying fish aren't so easy to catch (unless you do this every day)!

So plan on spending a lovely day walking the market, eating well and taking home some amazing food finds. Oh, and the first Starbucks is right down the street, so make sure you stop by for a post-shopping coffee. Learn more about Pike Place!

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Donna John
How much fun is this, Elisa All 30SecondMom? I have a friend that lives in Seattle. Hoping to visit her soon and will ask her to take me there!
Elisa Schmitz
You will love it, Donna John! There's so much energy and a positive vibe from all the vendors and shoppers. I've been there twice, and enjoyed it even more the second time!
Kelli Porcaro
I really want to go see this in person some day! I've used clips of this in training workshops before focused on staff engagement and ownership. Looks like such a FUN place!
Elisa Schmitz
Oh, yes Kelli Schulte! The people who work there are having a blast, you can tell. It's their job to throw fish, for goodness sakes, and to engage with their customers in a fun way. You can see in this video how their enthusiasm affects the crowds they draw (and I'll bet people buy fish they never even end up eating, just so they can "play" with the staff there)!

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