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"Day in the Life of Mom" Coloring Book by Kathy Shimmield (NOT PUBLISHED) by Kathy Shimmield

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4 years ago
"Day in the Life of Mom" Coloring Book by Kathy Shimmield

Join Kathy Shimmield in her "World of Mom!" The Day In the Life of Mom coloring book, by Kathy Shimmield, is a homage to the life of a mom in the guise of an adult coloring meditative book. Take a stroll through the existence of the average mom with these detailed, factual yet funny illustrations. 

Make each drawing your own by coloring in the patterns, or if the page hits too close to home and stirs feelings of frustration or desperation, just grab that red crayon and with all the force you can muster obliterate it from existence. You may feel lighter, calmer and be a better mom for it. 

As moms, we don’t have total control over much of how our day progresses. We can’t always find that missing shoe or locate that matching sock. So sit back and take a few minutes each day to color in your page of choice, as this is the one thing you can control. Order this book and enjoy some creative time for yourself!

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Kaila Weingarten
This is a great relaxing treat for moms!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
It really is! Moms need a break, and Kathy Shimmield really gets it! Kaila Weingarten ! 😀

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