Pregnant & Packing for the Hospital? 10 Essentials You Need to Know! by Kaila Weingarten

Third Trimester
8 years ago
Pregnant & Packing for the Hospital? 10 Essentials You Need to Know!

Pregnant and packing for the hospital? I'm heading there for the second time, so I have a list of what to pack. Here's what I'm taking: 

  1. Change of clothes, socks, nightgown and robe (for visitors). 
  2. Copy of hospital paperwork and insurance cards. 
  3. Toiletries and makeup for freshening up. 
  4. Labor tools: music, exercise ball, hot water bottle, drink, candies, washcloths, food for Dad. 
  5. Baby clothing. 
  6. Electronics, like a phone charger.
  7. Camera to capture those memories.
  8. Chocolate for the nurses. 
  9. Healthy snacks for after delivery. 
  10. Baby care and breastfeeding books. 

Remember to pack early so you're ready to go anytime!

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