Breastfeeding Classes for Moms: A Breastfeeding Q&A With Mighty Milk Founder Kate Miller by Belinda Lichty Clarke

3 years ago

Breastfeeding Classes for Moms: A Breastfeeding Q&A With Mighty Milk Founder Kate Miller

Although data shows that 84 percent of mothers start off breastfeeding when their babies are born, the drop off after that is steep. Many give up on their goals before they intended, or before they feel ready. And that was exactly Kate Miller's story. Miller breastfeed her son, but he wasn’t gaining enough weight, so she had to supplement with formula. She says she was very frustrated to not be able to feed her baby on her terms and it inspired her to found Mighty Milk to help inform other new moms.

Q. What was the impetus for founding Mighty Milk?

"I was inspired to start Mighty Milk after having an extremely difficult time breastfeeding my son Judah. I felt so prepared for his birth in many ways. I had the Pinterest-perfect nursery all ready to go, an adorable wardrobe and more baby gear than I knew what to do with. I knew I wanted to breastfeed my baby, and I figured I was all set. I thought that because breastfeeding is one of the most natural things humans do, I would instinctively know how to do it. But when Judah was born, I felt woefully unprepared and totally caught off guard by how hard breastfeeding was. It was overwhelming physically and emotionally. When I went to a support group for new parents, I realized that I was not alone. Many moms have their own struggles with breastfeeding. U.S. breastfeeding rates tell the same story.

"When I looked for helpful resources, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. A one hour breastfeeding class I took at my hospital while I was pregnant was unhelpful. I could have read a book, but getting through a few hundred pages when you have a screaming newborn isn’t in the cards for most people. And then there are lots of social media groups, which can foster camaraderie among nursing parents but also have the downside of being filled with misleading, and even harmful, information. Since I’ve spent my career creating digital content, I knew I had found my calling. I wanted to take my experience and turn it into a positive for others – to give expectant and new parents the information that would have made a world of difference for me when I was pregnant and after my son was born.

"I set out to create online, video-based breastfeeding classes. I teamed up with Lex Beach, an international board-certified lactation consultant, to lead the classes. Lex has seven children and a range of her own personal breastfeeding experiences, which makes her not only knowledgeable but also relatable."


Q. How do the classes work and how many are there to choose from? How many classes are there? Are they individual or is it a series with the same group of women?

"The classes are all on-demand and on video, like Netflix. They are broken up into bite-sized chapters, which makes the course quick and fun to get through (or binge watch, as some of our customers have reported doing). Especially during COVID-19, to be able to sit with your partner and watch the classes from the comfort of your own home feels especially useful. We’ve just launched our first class, Breastfeeding for Expectant Parents, and our next three classes will be released shortly. They are Breastfeeding Newborns (0-12 weeks), How Partners and Loved Ones Can Support Breastfeeding, and All About Pumping."

Q. How do you source the experts for the class?

"There are different levels of certifications for lactation experts, and an international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) is the highest of them. I knew I wanted to have an IBCLC lead the classes, so I searched across the U.S. for the right person. I ended up teaming up with Lex Beach, who is deeply experienced and brings a unique viewpoint. Her philosophy is to get to the root of problems – such as why breastfeeding is a challenge for so many parents – instead of only addressing the symptoms of those problems."

Q. What have you heard from women who have taken the video classes?

"So far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with an average of 5/5 star ratings on Facebook. And it’s not just women! We purposefully named the class Breastfeeding for Expectant Parents. Data shows that mothers who feel supported by their partners tend to reach their breastfeeding goals, while the opposite is true of mothers with unsupportive partners. Our classes include ideas for ways partners can provide support, and also inspire both parents when it comes to the benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk."

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What an inspiring story. Love how moms are starting businesses more than ever.
Elisa Schmitz
"When I looked for helpful resources, I couldn’t find what I was looking for." This is exactly why I started my first business, iParenting. And why so many moms invent products or ideas that they see are lacking in their own lives. Thank you for sharing this, Belinda Lichty Clarke !

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