Childbirth After Miscarriage: Forever Connected With Grace & the Birth of My Rainbow Baby by Kim Kusiciel

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7 years ago

Childbirth After Miscarriage: Forever Connected With Grace & the Birth of My Rainbow Baby

When we found out we were expecting for the third time, we couldn't believe it. We were blessed! Right at the 12-week mark, I had an ultrasound. I went into my appointment feeling happy to see my baby on the monitor. Instead, there was a lot of silence and the ultrasound tech turned the monitor away from me. I knew instantly something was wrong. 

My doctor came in and told me that he could not hear "what I should be hearing" and that I would have to go for a second ultrasound. I knew she was gone. It was confirmed a few days later and I had a D&C. We named her Anabelle Grace. Those were sad days, but after that storm grew a beautiful and bright rainbow. My fourth, albeit anxious-ridden, pregnancy resulted in the birth of a bright-eyed and spirited daughter. My rainbow baby, Danielle Grace.

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Elisa Schmitz
I am so sorry for your loss, Kim Kusiciel . Thank you for sharing. I am so happy for you and your beautiful rainbow baby. You have a gorgeous family! xoxo
Kim Kusiciel
Thank you @elisa. πŸŒˆπŸ‘ΆπŸ»
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks for sharing your story with us, Kim Kusiciel . I'm so sorry for your loss. I love that Danielle shares Anabelle Grace's middle name.
Kim Kusiciel
Thank you. ❀️
Stephanie Cannoe
I am sorry for your loss. Your article touched me. I had to share that I also had a miscarriage and my next son was born with a birth mark by his eye. We believe it is from our child before, I like to think a kiss, which is Part of us all. ❀ Happy Mother's day.
Kim Kusiciel
Thank you for sharing @scannoe. My daughter was also born with a large mark on her arm, we call it her angel kiss. :)
Ann Gemmel
Thanks for sharing Kim. . I've been there too...a couple of times. Still I'm sure how to feel about it. It is beautiful that you named her. Love you!
Kim Kusiciel
Thank you @ann2. Nice to see you here!! I hope you share some tips with our tribe!! My kids named her that. I couldn't bring myself to think of the just right name, they did it for me...and it was perfect.

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