What Is "Mindful Parenting" Really? Here's Mindfulness in Parenting Simplified! Parenting

Roma Khetarpal
6 years ago

When it comes to parenting, the word "mindful" is easily misunderstood. So, what is mindful parenting?

  • Mindful parenting is simply being conscious or aware of how you parent in the day to day. There are two individuals involved, both you and your child. So mindful parenting means being aware of your child’s thoughts, feelings and behavior as well as your own. When we pay attention to these inner and outer communication landscapes, we become more present, more alert and more attentive. We sharpen our day-to-day communication with our kids. Remember, though, that you have a bigger, long-term goal.
  • Mindful parenting is keeping an eye on building an open and lasting relationship with our kids. Nothing is more important to us than this. That is every parent’s true intention, goal, purpose, desire, yearning, longing – whatever you want to call it. And we all want that. If we keep this goal in front of us, as we invest our daily time in parenting during good times and challenging ones, we are golden!

That’s it! Mindful parenting simplified.

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Elisa Schmitz
Love this, Roma Khetarpal ! Thank you for the explanation of what has become a more common phrase, that people may still not fully understand. I have incorporated mindfulness into my life, but am working at it still every day. So happy you shared this and hope you will continue to shed light in this area! Tools Of Growth
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