Autumn Activities: 6 Fun Fall Crafts & Activities to Do With Your Kids (Cheap)! by Mei Marcie

2 years ago
Autumn Activities: 6 Fun Fall Crafts & Activities to Do With Your Kids (Cheap)!

Autumn is a great time to do seasonal activities – that won't cost a lot – with your child. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Collect Leaves – Enjoy nature's beauty and creativity and burn some calories walking, too.
  • Make Your Own Fall Tree – Use sticks and leaves to create a fun fall tree. You can even make it into a family tree!
  • Make a Leaf Brooch or Magnet – Laminate a leaf, add a safety pin to a brooch or magnetic strip to make a fridge magnet.
  • Picture Frame – Use leaves and twigs to decorate a plain frame.
  • Postcards – Spray paint leaves and make a postcard for family!
  • Leaf Art – Let leaves come to life by cutting them into shapes and gluing them on paper to create fun pictures. Frame and hang on the wall! 

Make time for kids' activities to stay connected to your children!

Mei Marcie
Thanks for sharing this! Although there is no autumn here, it's a reminder for me to have some fun with my child, esp. in this stressful final term!

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