Mom, Here's Why You Need to Learn to Let Go (a Little)! by Gail Harris

2 years ago
Mom, Here's Why You Need to Learn to Let Go (a Little)!

Yesterday was the first day I left my son home alone. At first, it felt strange asking him if he wanted to stay home by himself. But he was ready and so was I. The freedom I felt was glorious; going to the mall and bank solo, just like that. 

I wondered if he was going to raid the cookie jar, and what this event signified. Perhaps, it signified the same thing as the falling leaves do in autumn. It seems like he was born yesterday. Today middle school. Tomorrow college. The lines on my face are deepening. Maybe a hundred years ago another mother was feeling the exact same thing!

Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
This brought tears to my eyes, Gail Harris ! I'll be right there soon enough! Thank you for this.
Gail Harris
You're welcome Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead . Glad you felt it. Tie goes so quickly it is amazing.
Christine Jones
I can totally relate! These independence milestones are so complicated. Somehow at the same time I relish the freedom it gives me and my son but yet I can see how fleeting the time is with him at home.
Gail Harris
Christine Jones i know. So the thing to do is be in the moment. Get present. It really changes everything when I do. How old is you child or children? I have one son who will 14 in April. But how did this happen? 😎

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