Stuck in Traffic? Here's How to Save Your Sanity During a Traffic Jam by Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds

11 months ago
Stuck in Traffic? Here's How to Save Your Sanity During a Traffic Jam

This tip is inspired by 30Seconds contributor Jennifer Pereyra, who came to Chicago for the 30Second Mom launch party at U.S. Cellular Field and experienced the frustration of rush hour. We've all been there: stuck in traffic, having to be somewhere in a half-hour when you're clearly not going anywhere, anytime soon. Here's what I do to save my sanity: 

  • Play music and sing along. 
  • Listen to inspiring/informative podcasts.
  • Use a headset and catch up on calls. 
  • Take deep breaths (this really does work). 
  • Giggle inwardly at other drivers getting visibly frustrated. 
  • Make up scenarios about where everyone is going (is that a pregnant couple trying to get to the hospital?!).

There's nothing you can do about traffic, and it's just not worth it to get upset. So just be prepared to go with it!

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