School Valentine's Day Parties: A Fun Idea for DIY Cards Kids Will Love! by Cecilia Cannon

5 years ago

School Valentine's Day Parties: A Fun Idea for DIY Cards Kids Will Love!

With two boys in two different classrooms at school, we needed 44 cards plus 44 candy treats. The Valentine’s Day cards they wanted were almost $6 for 18, so I needed to buy two packs for each kid. And, of course, my 8-year-old didn't want the same as my 5-year-old. Then I realized, let’s try something different.

We walked over to the kids' toy section and I found 100 sports trading cards for $3! I bought one pack of cards and a bag of lollipops. The boys loved the idea, especially my 8-year-old, who was having a hard time accepting the fact that he might have to buy something pink and red!

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Mike Prochaska
Nice idea. Yes it don’t matter they come home and throw the papers everywhere . Can’t we just do digital v day cards
And save
Some trees

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