Too Much TV? 5 Reasons to Be Your Kid's Role Model & Turn It Off! by Mei Marcie

4 years ago
Too Much TV? 5 Reasons to Be Your Kid's Role Model & Turn It Off!

Children are increasingly exposed to more hours of TV and technology. I believe parents, as role models, should limit such exposure. Here are some reasons:

  • TV should not be used as a babysitter.
  • TV should not be on during meals. 
  • Studies have linked too much TV to concentration and learning issues in kids. 
  • More sitting means less active time, a contributing factor to childhood obesity. 
  • Attention spans are shorter for TV and iPad, with quick image flashes that are not natural. 

It's important to focus on quality family activities!

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Cynthia Miller
Yep. It's so easy to fall into using screens as a "baby-sitter." One thing we are doing now is PLANNING a FUN family activity every night, so that we don't just default to everybody on screens! Balloon volleyball and charades work great!
Mike Prochaska
I agree. In the summer we never have tv on! Winter a little more on but only when it cold

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