I See You, But Do You See Me? Seeing Life's Memories Untainted By Tech Filters by Egan Patricia

I See You, But Do You See Me? Seeing Life's Memories Untainted By Tech Filters

I see you; do you see me? We are at that point in life where technology has taken over. I know because I am one of those people who were reprogramed by technology.

Did you know you that you miss a lot behind a screen.

Cameras are only a pocket away and it is easy to just pull it out and say, “Oh! I should capture this moment to remember down the road.”

So, you pull out your phone and try to angle the best shot in that small window of time and boom! You got it! But what did you miss?

I saw you trying to capture the moment, but did you see me?

I mean really see me, with your own eyes, untainted by filters?

Did you hear my “Aww” and see the slight shifts of my expressions?

I know it was only a second, but did you see or hear it?

The camera didn’t capture that did it?

Oh! Did you hear that little kid say how brave I was to hold the snakes?

Did you see?

The problem is with the focus, mainly on the little screen. You miss the proud range of looks on my face and the wonder on the child’s face next to me.

But did you capture the moment to look back on down the road?

When you look back will you remember the small details that I remember?

Do you really believe all the moments you capture won’t end up in the cloud never to be seen or printed out to look back on only to stuck it in a box to sit in the dark?

Because I am like you. I believed I must capture the moments to remember, but truthfully, I remember a lot more of the little moments when I don’t try to freeze them in time.

I have thousands of pictures and some of them I see, but don’t truly remember the little moments that were behind the facial expressions or behind that laugh.

Of course, capture a moment or two, but try to enjoy the rest untainted by filters and thoughts of getting the perfect shot.

Give yourself a moment to breathe and enjoy what is around you.

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So true and an important reminder to us all.
Elisa Schmitz
"Give yourself a moment to breathe and enjoy what is around you." Wow, thank you for this. You're right - we're always trying to capture the moment rather than live the moment. Have to change that!

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