Mindful Traveling: 6 Travel Journals That Will Take Your Vacation Memories to the Next Level by Sheri B Doyle

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5 years ago

Mindful Traveling: 6 Travel Journals That Will Take Your Vacation Memories to the Next Level

Writing in a journal is a great way to record your memories while traveling. The process also allows you to slow down during your trip, reflect on what you have done and how you have been affected. It encourages us to be more mindful travelers, more observant and often more grateful for the trip. These are some of my favorite travel journals:

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Donna John
That's one thing I regret not doing on my trip to Italy. Next time I will write in a journal every day I am there - or anywhere! :-)
Sheri B Doyle
I have found that I go back and refer to them for places we ate or things we did to tell friends who may be visiting. I also like rereading them to see how I felt about a place or what was going on in our lives. It is a great way to pause and reflect on what we are experiencing.
Elisa Schmitz
What a wonderful idea! I want to start doing this, including business cards from places we eat or visit, too. What a great way to capture the memories, Sheri B Doyle !
Sheri B Doyle
Oooh I love the idea of business cards too. Great idea!
Eeee! Love this Sheri! I have a couple of trips planned for this summer! Now which journal should I choose!? 🤔
Fiona Whiley
I always write in a journal. I love to scrapbook my holiday photos, and when I create the albums I put my journal notes in to the album along with the photos. And business cards from places we visited, and tickets, and programs or maps! The journal holds it all together until the album is made. 🤩
Sheri B Doyle
I love this idea Fiona!! I can't imagine the awesome scrapbooks you have from your travels.

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