Motivating Employees With Gratitude: 4 Ways Business Owners Can Lead With Gratitude by Christena Garduno

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2 years ago

Motivating Employees With Gratitude: 4 Ways Business Owners Can Lead With Gratitude

The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to remind leaders of the importance of expressing gratitude to their teams. Gratitude is not just saying "thank you." It is appreciating and recognizing other people's efforts and hard work, and valuing their contributions to the group. Gratitude motivates employees and makes them feel valued.

Achievers Workforce Institute found out that in 2021, the main reasons employees stay in a job are work-life balance (23 percent) and recognition (21 percent). I see employees go out of their way to deliver great work when they are appreciated and motivated.

Here are four ways I ensure my employees feel that way:

1. Spend Time With Them

No nice message or kind gesture will ever replace spending time with your employees to get to know them and make them feel they are important. I make sure I welcome new hires and schedule one-on-one calls and follow-up meetings to see how they are adjusting to the team and the role. I also make it a point to meet the whole staff once or twice a year to express my gratitude and recognize their contributions in making our company successful.

2. Equip Team Leaders and Managers

Managers are the first line of support of all employees, so they have the most crucial role in ensuring the staff is engaged and feel appreciated. I make sure all managers and leaders in our team are deliberately and carefully selected, so they know their roles' purpose and goals. We provide training and coaching to managers to ensure they are fit and effective in managing their teams.

3. Take Care of Employees' Needs

We appreciate employees who work hard to take care of the business, so it's just right to take care of their needs, too. We take employee retention programs by heart. Health care insurance, leave credits, flexible working schedules, rewards and public recognitions are some benefits we offer our employees. We make sure each program is purposely placed to address the needs of our employees.

4. Greet Them on Their Birthday and Other Special Occasions

Make sure you know the special dates and occasions for your employees. Never miss greeting them on their birthday. Set the right productivity tools to remind yourself and the rest of the organization of everyone's birth date. Also, make an effort to congratulate employees on monumental events in their lives – weddings, the birth of a child, finishing a course, etc.

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Donna John
This is so true! I see it firsthand with the company my daughter works for, Nobell Foods. They go above and beyond for their employees. It makes all the difference. And same here at 30Seconds. Katie Smith Christena Garduno
A personal touch by management is so important.
Julio Caro
Thanks for Sharing.........
Hossain Kamyab
Great post, thanks for sharing your insight.

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