Roe Vs. Wade Overturned: Today Marks a First for Many Women in America by Lauren Carrier Horton

Roe Vs. Wade Overturned: Today Marks a First for Many Women in America

Now more than ever, friends.
Now more than ever.

I believe:

Health care is a human right.

Women’s rights are human rights.

And, despite a recent poll showing 61 percent of Americans agree with me on abortion being legal, the Supreme Court overturned women's fundamental right over their own reproductive decisions.

Let me be honest with you, after 30 plus years reading, watching, praying, seeking, and listening and learning – so much listening and learning – I am educated enough to lean in and lean hard. There is so much noise in this area, and discovering my voice and thoughts on this subject took me over there, and over here, swaying that way and then this way. It’s not always black and white on things of great complex. But when I read and learned and sought I found what was needed to truly know.

When I learned about how this issue became the number issue for the Moral Majority, and the time in history that it did, and why it did then, my mind was blown – it was an "a-ha!" moment.

When I read our history of women’s agency over their own bodies, and the absolute lack of it, I wept. I lamented and grieved over the loss of one's ability to make decisions for one's very own body within one's soul and spirit dwells.

When I discovered who the voices behind so much of the narratives on both sides belonged to, I sought and dug hard to see what really is and was always at stake to those in the positions of power, and to those with the most limited resources.

So for those of us among the 61 percent, today is a huge blow.

But to those of us women that were born or came of age after 1973 today will be more than a huge blow to our beliefs, it essentially has caused us now to exist in a period of life not seen for women in more than 50 years. We as women no longer have agency, choice, decision-making opportunities regarding our own bodies. Regardless of where you fall when it comes to this topic – this is new ground for you, too. And before you celebrate your "win," I invite you to reflect and lean in and learn, maybe, like I did decades ago to see if this decision is truly the "gain" you believe it might be.

But for those that are allies, to those lamenting today with me, don't miss out on voting. Don’t miss out on thinking someone else will necessarily represent you in office or at the polls on this matter. Don't leave it up to chance. Because there is a good chance they won't. And we as Americans have an amazing right in this nation to cast a ballot at every primary and election that decides who gets to decide what are human rights.

So use your voice – take a stand, vote. Be loud. March. Protest. Your voice matters, and it matters right now, at this very moment for one another and for all the daughters and grand-daughters lined up behind us.

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Elisa Schmitz
"Your voice matters, and it matters right now, at this very moment." Thank you for your powerful words, Lauren Carrier Horton . You always move and inspire me.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Beautifully written, @laurench. Thanks for your inspiration and all you share with us!

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