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2 years ago

Unmotivated at Work: 4 Simple Strategies to Help Keep You Motivated While on the Clock

Many of us can’t shrug off the fact that work can get grueling or tedious at times. We work to earn money, but we could lose our momentum at some point in our careers. This only becomes a problem when we lose the desire to get any work done and nurture a successful career. 

Regardless of where you work, you still need to focus on completing a task before it becomes a big problem not only for yourself but also for the rest of the team. Whenever you feel like you have lost the motivation at your desk, here are a few tips to help you get back on track:

1. Realize Your Deserve a Break

Losing motivation can also be a symptom of office burnout. When you spend too many hours at your desk and not enough time to unwind, then there’s a good chance you will lose a sense of purpose in what you are doing. The best way you can deal with this is to take breaks relative to the amount of work you have completed. Whether it’s a major project or a recurring campaign, don’t devote the bulk of your time to the work. Use the Pomodoro method to set five-minute breaks in between 30-minute bursts of intense work.

2. Get Help When You Need To 

Most of the time, you are not alone in facing high amounts of pressure at the office. Your coworkers are facing the challenges and they could become your biggest allies that can help you stay focused on the job. You can ask any of them for advice or let them know that you need assistance. If you are struggling to find new ideas for a product you are developing, talk to your colleagues about it and they might brainstorm with you. By asking for a helping hand, you may make your workload lighter. Be sure to return the favor by listening to your coworkers and knowing how you can help them out.

3. Practice Mindfulness

In some cases, motivation can only be found by looking inward with mindfulness. If the environment you are in is stressing you out, try looking for a quiet place where you can sit down and practice deep breathing. Take this time to get rid of any unwanted thoughts about work and be more attuned with how you are feeling.

Using an aura camera may also be of great benefit to you. This technology gives you a good visualization of what you are feeling at the moment using a spectrum of colors that indicate certain personalities. For instance, a dominant yellow aura meaning could show a strong sense of freedom. When it turns bright yellow, you could be having internal conflicts that must be resolved.

4. Commit to Your Goals

If you are struggling now, you will need to realize that every challenge you go through is helping you become stronger and wiser on the road to your goals. Whenever you feel like you have lost a sense of purpose at work, try to look at the reason why you are there in the first place. You may be surprised by how far you have come, so focus your time and energy on completing the goals that matter the most to you in the long run.

Anyone can feel demotivated over time, but if you want to be successful, you will have to stay committed to your career. There are other ways to get motivated, but this list may help to bring your energy back.

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Elisa Schmitz
With work-life balance more stressful than ever, many people are taking a hard look at how to stay motivated in their careers. Many thanks for the helpful tips!
So interesting about auras. I’m a believer! 💛
We need to normalize asking for help. It's OK, really...

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