Safe Bathrooms for Kids & Families: ​17 Child-Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Home by 30Seconds Mom

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2 years ago

Safe Bathrooms for Kids & Families: ​17 Child-Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Home

If you have kids or are thinking about having them, then bathroom safety is very important. More than 43,000 kids are treated in the emergency room every year for bathtub and shower-related injuries. There are certain steps to a bathroom design that can help make bathrooms safer for children. Here are 17 child-friendly bathroom design ideas to help you create a kid-friendly bathroom:

1. Step Stool

 A step stool can be one of the easiest and cheapest things to make a bathroom safer for children. A sturdy stool can help prevent kids from climbing up on sinks and cabinets, which could result in fall injuries.

2. Make Hot Water Safer for Kids

Use a device that prevents water from getting too hot, such as an anti-scald product that regulates the water temperature. A child's bath water should never exceed 104 degrees F. You can install anti-scald devices in the bath, shower or on any faucet.

3. Keep Bathroom Shelving Safer

You can keep bathroom shelving safer with open shelves. Open shelving helps in many ways – you can easily keep things organized and in plain sight so children know where everything is.

4. Install Non-Slip Flooring

Installing bathroom non-slip shower trays can reduce the chance of slipping, which children may be prone to. This is not to say that accidents won't happen, but it can help.

5. Let Kids Choose a Shower Curtain

Let your kids have a say in picking out shower curtains. Allowing children to choose the color, design and style of their shower curtain may encourage them to brush those teeth longer while looking at it!

6. Adjacent Sinks

If you have a big enough sink space, you can put two faucets next to each other. Adjacent sinks can make it easier for multiple kids to wash their hands or brush their teeth at the same time.

7. Choices for Bathroom Art

Most kids love family photos, so consider adding some to your bathroom design to personalize the space. A fun drawing or painting kids created also could be framed and hung in the bathroom.

8. Hooks to Organize Things

Installing hooks in the bathroom can help keep things organized and off the floor. You also can let each child have their own hook so they take responsibility for their own things.

9. Have More Than One Bath or Shower

If you're always in a rush in the mornings, having more than one bath or shower can help. Older children can use one while you use the other. (Younger kids should always be supervised around water.)

10. Floor to Wall Tiles or Wainscoting

Kids are notorious for making messes with water in the bathroom. Having tiles or wainscoting on the wall can help, and these options help make cleanup a lot easier.

11. Scale It Down

Less is more when it comes to safety in the bathroom. Fewer accessories and products can make it easier to clean, and provide less temptation for kiddos to make messes.

12. Safety Locks and Keeping Things Out of Reach

Bathrooms can be full of hazardous items and poisonous products for kids. Installing kid-safe locks on cabinets and keeping products out of reach of little hands can help keep kids safe.

13. Install Extra Storage Space

Having more storage space can help keep countertops clear and clean. You also can have designated spaces for your kids' personal items and toys so they feel more independent.

14. Child-Proof Countertops

Consider a durable and easy to clean material for your countertops, such as quartz. Quartz resists scratches and stains that kids are famous for, so the countertop may last longer.

15. Have a Tall Vanity

A standard vanity is only 30 inches high. A taller vanity allows for a child's growth, and may make bathroom time more comfortable for them as they grow.

16. Bars, Handles and Anti-Slip Trays

Kids (and adults) can get hurt if they slip in the bathroom. Consider installing grab rails so kids have something to hold on to. Grab bars or handles also can make it easier for everyone to get in and out of the bathtub, and on and off the toilet.

17. Stay Away From Hazardous Finishes

To make the bathroom more kid-friendly, be mindful of sharp edges and corners when designing or remodeling your bathroom. Consider tiles and fixtures that have rounded edges rather than sharp ones.

When you have kids, careful consideration should be taken when designing or remodeling the bathrooms in your home. It's important to dot all those I's and cross all those T's when designing a kid-friendly home. 

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Elisa Schmitz
Such great tips here! Bathrooms can be dangerous places for kids, and often go overlooked when considering child safety. Many thanks for all the insightful suggestions!
Donna John
Important info here! Bathrooms can be dangerous places for kids.
Gwen Johnson
Step stools are a must. I bought a nice wood one at a craft show with my daughter's name on it. She loves it.
I hadn’t thought about nonslip surfaces in the tub/shower. I need to get on that, thanks. 🙏🏼
Love the idea to use kids art in the bathroom. How special!
One of my kids got hurt in the tub and I will never forgive myself for not kid-proofing the bathroom better. So important.
Jay Proff
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