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2 years ago

Earth to Ned is the latest must-see creation from The Jim Henson Company, available exclusively on Disney+. The hilarious puppet cast includes Ned, Cornelius, Artificial Intelligence B.E.T.I. and a gaggle of small monster-like creatures known as the CLODS. You can learn more in our article about Earth to Ned.

CLODS are adorable and so much fun! You can make your own CLOD puppet with these directions and printable templates, so you can be a puppeteer and bring the magic of Earth to Ned to life at home.

To print the complete instruction guide from your computer, simply click the "print image" button in the top right-hand corner of each page.

You'll need:

Here's how to make it: 

1. Cut out all paper patterns on pages 3 to 5. You will need to refer to the letters on each pattern throughout these instructions. 

2. Place all patterns onto corresponding material denoted on pattern, then trace. Use pages 6 to 8 for placement reference, as you have just enough material for these patterns. There is plenty of fur for all the pieces to fit. (PRO TIP: The direction of the fur should match the arrows on the patterns.) 

3. Cut out all felt, foam and fur pieces. (PRO TIP: When cutting fur, keep your scissors as close to the fabric backing as possible; be careful to just cut the fabric backing and not all the way through the fur or it will look choppy.) 

4. Put together FELT tentacles. 

  • Match up felt pieces, pink to tan. 
  • Glue or sew on dotted line (on pattern) so tan felt is on top, pink on bottom.
  • Be sure not to glue the edges that do not have a dotted line. 
  • Flip each piece inside out for a cleaner edge.
  • Glue or sew FELT A on first and fourth fingers of glove. (PRO TIP: put a piece of cardboard inside each glove finger as you glue so the fabric of the glove doesn’t stick to itself.) 
  • Glue or sew FELT B on fifth finger and thumb of glove. 
  • Glue or sew FELT C on third finger of glove.

5. Put together FUR body and hair pieces. 

  • For all fur in steps 5b to 5d, glue or sew on dotted line (on pattern). Be sure not to glue the edges that do not have a dotted line. 
  • Glue or sew FUR D along the flat edges, as shown on page 9. 
  • Glue or sew FUR E and FUR F to each other, along side edges, then turn inside out as shown on page 10.
  • Glue FUR D on top of hand, making sure seam is aligned vertically with the glove as shown on page 11. The slit in the fur between the second and third fingers will allow the spoon body to be performed properly.

6. Put together FOAM face pieces a. Glue the two pieces of FOAM I together along the edges, taking care to leave approximately 2.5-inch open at the neck, as shown on page 12.

7. Watch the above video see the steps of building the puppet.

Time-saving Tips

For step 4b, you can just use the tan felt and glue the single pieces to the fingers of the glove in steps 4d to 4f. 

You can choose to skip step 4c. 

You can glue the edges of the fabric backing to each other, which will not require turning inside out. 

To simplify step 6a, you can just use one piece of FOAM I.

This video is longer than 30 seconds, but we think it's worth it.

You can follow Ned and the crew on Disney+ Facebook, Disney+ Twitter and Disney+ Instagram; and The Jim Henson Company on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Stream Earth to Ned on Disney+ now and enjoy this critically acclaimed series tonight with your family.

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Donna John
How cute is this?? And looks pretty easy to make. Think this will be a project with my grandson soon.
Elisa Schmitz
So much fun! I love it when you can bring the magic of your favorite characters to life at home. What a genius craft from the creators at The Jim Henson Company and Jim Henson's Creature Shop!
This is adorable! 🪐 So making this! ☄️
Haha, this is really great. The kids will love it.
Completely awesome project, can’t wait to do it
Dieter Schmitz
With rainy days still keeping us indoors, crafting with kids is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing!
Teacher Karen
Thanks for sharing--I'm all for puppet PLAY! (I wrote a post noting many of the benefits:
Elisa Schmitz
That's awesome, Teacher Karen ! Thank you for sharing this and please feel free to share some of your puppet insights with us on 30Seconds. So fun, and so good for kids and parents alike! Donna John
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
I loved this! I watched the video and I am like "No way...a wooden spoon!" Being able to create your own DIY beloved Clod puppet for home is awesome! What a great project for home and school. I will definitely be sharing this with my educator and parent friends. Thanks to The Jim Henson Company for sharing, fun, fun!
Elisa Schmitz
So glad you love this as much as we do, Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP ! What a great project to do with kids / students!!

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