You Don't Have to Wear a Face Mask? Newsflash: There's a Pandemic by Dawn Taylor

3 years ago

You Don't Have to Wear a Face Mask? Newsflash: There's a Pandemic

When I hear people say they won't wear a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic because it's their right not to, I am often at a loss as how to respond. Here's what I would like to say to those people (OK, I sometimes do say them out loud):

  • Why do you wear clothes when you go out in public? No shirt, no shoes, no service seems to have gone over well and no one would die from you being naked but still that caught on quickly.
  • Why do you wear a seat belt? I grew up when there were still cars without seat belts built in and had a brother who fell out of the car on a highway when he was just a toddler. Seat belts and seat belt laws are respected and when they aren't, people pay a fine. And recently in my state of New York, drivers are responsible for all of their passengers buckling up. Hmm, so they are sort of accountable for other people. I like that concept.
  • Why don't you smoke indoors? I grew up when people smoked everywhere. Finally, smoking indoors was banned because it was apparent that second hand smoke was harmful to others. Again, we are accountable for what we do especially when it affects other's health.
  • You find it hard to breathe when you wear a mask? You know who has a hard time breathing? Someone with COVID-19. And it's especially difficult if they've been intubated.

I am frankly just as tired as everyone else with the pandemic, but I will continue to wear a mask. I can protect others by doing so. We are in the fall surge now and the numbers are STAGGERING.

My newest response to people: Just wear the damn mask. So we don't have to hear you talking nonsense.

Thanks for listening.

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Donna John
It's really bad down here in Texas. I wear mine whenever I'm in public, but there are many that just won't. Yes, a lot are proving a point, whatever that might be. Do I like wearing the mask? Hell, no, but I do it out of respect for those around me. Good points here, Dawn Taylor .
Dawn Taylor
Thanks Donna John I don't love it either, but the thought of being asymptomatic and hurting someone else, I couldn't live with that.My dad is 90 and is in otherwise pretty good health and if he gets it, we would lose him to Covid- not old age. I haven't seen him in over a year. His mom lived to her late 90's, every year counts and every person counts. :)
Elisa Schmitz
Thanks for saying what many are thinking, Dawn. If we all just wore a mask for a while and followed the other public health guidelines, we’d be out of this pandemic so much faster. Sigh! I’m masking up for others’ health as well as my own, since it’s been shown that masks not only prevent the spread but also the contracting of the illness when you’re wearing one.
Dawn Taylor
Of course! Masks help, it is proven. I am not just tired of the pandemic, but the insensitive and selfish people who can't put a mask on. I appreciate your comment :)
Nicole DeAvilla
Thank you Dawn Taylor . I feel the same way! So appreciate you spelling it out.
Dawn Taylor
I am just so tired of people complaining about wearing a mask. I just don't get it. Thank you for your comment. :)
Mike Prochaska
Intresting I like to read a tip from the other side of this issue Kristan Wager Wager and i discuss this. A lot! I think they need to make so common sense rules. Like if your more then 6 feet apart outdoors
Masks aren’t needed when you can social distance. But yeah I wear a mask in stores and when go shopping. But. I saw someone wearing a mask in the woods! They were hiking in the woods and had a mask on wirh ni one else around . Don’t think u need take it that far.
Or the people who wear a mask when they in the car alone. But if you goto Wisconsin some places
No one wears a mask anywhere. I also don’t understand the wear mask until you sit down to eat in a reastraunt rule then you can take mask off? Or the outdoor dinning room where you have to eat out in a tent which has. Four walls and just like being inside. But if it keeps them from going out of business I’m all for it. I just trying to say I think more people would wear mask, I think, if all the rules made sense and all states had the same rules. Seems like every state has different Covid rules.
Dawn Taylor
I do think restaurants and bars should be closed. Period. In my area we had a very low incidence of Covid until the bar and restaurants opened again. Now almost all of the cases (and we are spiking) are connected to bars and restaurants. Not surprising. Schools are doing much better because there it can be controlled as masks stay on all day, they have air filtration improvements and hand washing is being done throughout the day. SO, with the business owners being affected, and workers (I lost both my jobs- one in a gym,and one in a restaurant) and am now almost penniless and scared to death) what needs to happen is the government needs to help us and pass a stimulus bill so we can shut down again (partially) and get this thing back under control. That is my take. :)
Kathy Lynn
I have a 3 year old granddaughter with a "comprised immune system " she is missing something minor. She is otherwise a happy, healthy, strong young lady. Rarely sick. But, should she catch something of this nature, she "could" have difficulty fighting it. All her adults, except for her uncle (my son) are front line workers. Mom restaurant doing take out only, grampy makes paper plates (federal contractors) and me, a police dispatcher. We leave the house, Bebe, Grampy, Uncle, Mommy, big brother, and Miss Savannah are all masked. We were so fortunate that Uncle was laid off, when they cancelled school, he was home with Savannah and her big brother so single mommy could continue to work!
Mike Prochaska
Yes need a stimulus bill of going to close restaurants. I live on restaurant row and they going out of business right and left now.
Mike Prochaska
What you think about this?
Dawn Taylor
I do think the masks are often inadequate. I once saw a woman at the store with a crochet mask, lol, I turned around and went elsewhere to shop that day :) BUT I do think they offer some protection from droplets and are helping control the spread. The other things in your pic show things that permeate the air quite aggressively and in large clouds whereas the experts say the droplets are like intermittent mist.
Ron Hensley
Mike. The thing is every single mask you list, besides covid, is to physically protect YOU from potentially the entire air you breathe beong toxic. Thats not al ALL why we are wearing masks now. We wear them to protect You and your loved ones. The only task they need to do is stop our output from our mouthes just like covering your mouth and turning away rather then sneezing in someone's face. Drives me crazy that many many people dragging their feet on wearing a mask, think wrongly despite being told over and over. No their argument is i am not afraid of getting covid so I don't need a mask. Wrong what's protecting YOU is your considerate neighbors wearing them so they don't give it to you before they realize they are sick, you then go home home and kill your grandmother by hugging her
Mike Prochaska
Sorry this one made me laugh so just wanted to
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