Election Distractions for Families: 7 Fun Games to Play With Kids While Waiting on the Results by Jocelyn Greene

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3 years ago

Election Day is over! No doubt, we’re gonna need some distraction from our own screens and scrolling while waiting for the results. Over here, we’ll be doing games. These are seven fun ones that can be played in a grocery line or in your living room. Waiting “with baited breath” won't be helpful, so I also suggest some breathing games to stay centered and these fun games for distraction:

  1. What Do You Like More? Two choices, one question! It's fun to get into the voting spirit and get to know your kids.
  2. One Word Story: Tell a story, but one word at a time. Impulse control in action – and lots of silliness.
  3. What Are You Doing? Alternate with imaginative and physical activities.
  4. 20 Questions: Guessing games that hone executive function skills through play.
  5. When I Say: Kids love to do the opposite thing – so turn it into a game.
  6. I Spy ... Like an Animal: Mindfulness in action for little ones as you look at the world through an animal’s eye.
  7. Sound Story: Make up a story with characters and environments that make sound. Then strip away the words and just use the sounds.

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Elisa Schmitz
Love your suggestions, Jocelyn Greene , thank you for sharing. And thanks to everyone for voting!

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