10 Reasons to Wear a Face Mask During the Coronavirus Pandemic (No. 5 & 8 Will Save You Money!) by Dawn Taylor

3 years ago

10 Reasons to Wear a Face Mask During the Coronavirus Pandemic (No. 5 & 8 Will Save You Money!)

Still not wearing a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic? Here are my top 10 reasons why you should:

10. Food stuck in your teeth, who cares? 

9. Bad breath? Who will know?? 

8. Save money on gum and mints! (See No. 9.) 

7. Chapped lips? Cover them with Vaseline (and a mask!). 

6. Wrinkles around your mouth? Hidden! And people will think you’re years younger! 

5. Save money on wrinkle cream. (See No. 6.) 

4. Cold sore? You won’t have to hide for a week while it heals! 

3. Dress up your outfits with masks with cute prints, florals or slogans. No one will notice you’re wearing sweats ... again.  

2. No one will see your facial expressions so smiling is optional.

And the No. 1 reason to wear a mask?

1. Protect those around you! Maybe even save a life! (Maybe you’re healthy, but think of all the people who aren’t as fortunate.)

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk!

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Donna John
I wear a mask when I go anywhere. I am noticing the amount of people who wear a mask changes from county to county here (I'm in Texas). Love your list, Dawn Taylor , but I'm the opposite on No. 8. I am NOT a gum chewer, but since wearing a face mask, I now have gum in my purse. Eat something funky for lunch then go grocery shopping. lol
Dawn Taylor
Haha I had a slice of pizza the other day while I was driving (I work in a pizza joint) and was putting on my mask before going into the grocery store and there was sauce on my chin and I just shrugged and threw on my mask!
Elisa Schmitz
Fun list, Dawn Taylor , especially No. 1! Great TED Talk. Always appreciate what you share with us. And, I am properly masked up!! Donna John , in Illinois it is similar. Even just walking around our neighborhood, you'll see some people wearing masks and others just not. I wish we could all unite to beat this virus and get back to life or get forward to life in the next normal.
Dawn Taylor
I always wear mine, too- I actually have dreams sometimes that I forgot and am mortified! I would never put others at risk. The ones that get me are the ones who wear it like a chin cup- UGHHHHHHH
Shannon Richardson
My teens don’t know how lucky they are to get to go to junior high and COVER up their zit breakouts!
Dawn Taylor
Never thought of this and I have two teens! My girls tend to break out on the forehead though...but what a great observation! :)
Mike Prochaska
Why does target still have carts with a cup holder if you have a wear a mask? My daughter asked me that today. She said they should make masks wirh a zipper so U can drink lol
Dawn Taylor
Good question,but I would think it's just too expensive to get new ones. And brilliant idea to put zippers. My only concern would be your hands touching other things then the zippers might not be sanitary....but what do I know, I'm no scientist. :) I imagine masks get handled far too often as it is, and most people don't wash them enough.
Mike Prochaska
No idea just made me laugh.

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