How to Spend Less Money on Fitness Gear & Workout Clothes: Inside Information From a Fitness Pro by Dawn Taylor

2 years ago
How to Spend Less Money on Fitness Gear & Workout Clothes: Inside Information From a Fitness Pro

I work hard to stay fit. And for those of you who are also active, you already know working out can be costly. I work in the fitness industry, and I have to have plenty of shorts, tank tops, sweatpants and socks on hand.

There are many well-known brands that are very expensive, even on sale. Whether you work in the industry or are just an active person, I have some tips to save a lot of money.

  • Discount Programs: Many brands will discount their merchandise if you are a professional trainer, coach or work in the industry. Check the websites and see if they participate in a discount program. Some will cut 25 percent off every purchase! The discount during regular shopping can usually only be applied to your personal purchases (you can’t buy for the whole family), but many will offer family-and-friends discounts during holidays so you can buy gifts at reduced prices. Make sure you carry your member card for whatever certification you carry.
  • Kids Size It: If you are small in weight and stature, check out the children’s sections. I am serious! I own so many L or XL kids’ workout clothes from different brands. They are always cheaper even though the amount of material is virtually the same as a women’s XS or S. Retailers know kids are still growing and that clothing wears out faster, so parents don’t want to spend too much. I have been doing this for years! So much money saved.
  • Sneaker Secret: This also holds true to sneakers if you have small feet. If you are a size 5 to 7 in women’s shoes, you can fit into the larger sizes in children’s sneakers. This one requires more time spent to make sure the quality is good, as I find children’s athletic shoes aren’t always built to last too long because feet grow so quickly. I never do this with running shoes, though, as these should always be the best quality for fitness classes and working with clients. I can get away with it for shorter periods of time. When you have to buy a quality shoe, shop around and wait for sales. Like cars, every brand brings in new models and last year’s model is as good as the latest one (sometimes better). Look for coupons, deals and promotions and stock up when they offer BOGO sales.
  • Skip the Athletic Shops: If you can’t use the children store trick, shop at discount stores or major retailers that you might not associate with athletic clothing. A $5 tank top will get you through that workout. It is going to get sweaty and stained anyway. Many of their shorts and tees, and even socks, are a fraction of what you will pay with sportier brands. I usually wait until they mark them down to clearance then stock up on several at a time.
  • Save Those Old T-shirts: When you think it is time to throw away T-shirts, think again! When going through drawers and closets for yourself, or even your significant other, cut off the sleeves and make yourself a muscle shirt. I have so many of these and I hang on to them forever! Sometimes I even buy a cheap T-shirt just to cut off the sleeves.

Hopefully these few tips will help you reduce the cost of working out so you can focus on what really matters  staying healthy!

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Really good advice, thanks!
Dawn Taylor
No Problem at all! Working out shouldn't break the bank!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Such smart ideas, Dawn Taylor ! Wouldn't have thought of buying kids' sizes, but that makes so much sense. Thanks for the insight!
Dawn Taylor
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds you're welcome! I wish I had discovered it many years ago! I avoid the ones that say stuff like Workout Princess and too much glitter LOL but otherwise there are many options that are similar to adult clothes! :)
Donna John
You're right about workout wear being expensive. I buy mine at Target, and it's even pricey there. Love the idea of cutting the arms off of old T-shirts.
Cupones Descuento
Great tips to save some money on Workout Clothes. Thanks!

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