I Was Diagnosed With Coronavirus: Here’s What Happened When I Got COVID-19 & What It Feels Like to Have This Viral Disease by Amy Brock

3 years ago

I Was Diagnosed With Coronavirus: Here’s What Happened When I Got COVID-19 & What It Feels Like to Have This Viral Disease

So for all the non-believers and those who are not taking this seriously, if you need to to KNOW someone who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus (COVID-19), well, if you are reading this you know me. I am Summit County case No 2.

I became sick quickly Wednesday afternoon (March 11). I felt run down and feverish. By the time I got home I had a fever of 99.2 degrees F. I was uncomfortable, headache and a cough that was heavy but not producing anything. I fell asleep and woke at 3 a.m. My heart was racing. I had trouble catching my breath and my chest felt tight every time I coughed.

I contacted a great nurse I know. She said go in, but call first. I called the ER, told them my symptoms and they had me call a closed Ohio Department of Health number. I was clearly in distress, so my nurse called them back and said I was coming in. It's a good thing I did. My BP was very low and my heart rate was very high. These are not good signs on top of fever and cough. They admitted me and I was tested for every single other thing and then they ran the COVID-19 test.

I am the face of this infection. It is brutal and I'm a healthy 48-year-old with no underlying conditions. I'm not 100 percent better, but I'm home resting.

Please take this seriously. People you love, their lives may depend on it.

I'm happy to answer any questions in between naps and hydration.

Update: My ex was in Germany the week before I became ill. He has no symptoms. My children have no symptoms. Per the Summit County Health Department we are all being monitored. My test was POSITIVE. I was in-patient at UH Ahuja Medical Center. Fluids and pain meds and fever meds were all they could give me. My highest fever was 102. My son did not go to school from the moment I became ill. Prior to my becoming ill, I was at work and he was at school because we were not ill and had no reason to suspect we were exposed in any way. We do NOT know where the exposure came from.

Photo: Cleveland.com

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So sorry. Hope you make a full recovery!
Elisa Schmitz
So scary. We really appreciate you sharing your story with us, Amy Brock . Wishing you a smooth road to recovery from this awful illness. Take care of yourself and please let us know when you've recovered. Keeping you in our prayers!
Julie Rose
Praying for you. 🙏

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