Being a Parent Is Hard: 6 Things to Do When You Feel Like Parenting Is the Hardest Job in the World by Roma Khetarpal

2 years ago
Being a Parent Is Hard: 6 Things to Do When You Feel Like Parenting Is the Hardest Job in the World

The job of parenting is never as hard as the worry that comes with parenting. Don’t lose precious time with your kids by worrying so much. Here are six things that may help, Mom and Dad:

  • Do the best job you can do. Children will learn best by example. We are all the products of our environment. Focus on providing them a good, healthy, nurturing environment as best as you can.
  • Mis-takes are takes that are missed. Mistakes are made to learn from. Keep the big question, “What can be learned from this?” right by any mistake that they or you make.
  • When worry strikes you, let go and flow. Know that, just like you made it this far, they will, too. We tend to rob ourselves of being present by allowing our brains to overthink into the future. Allow the future to arrive at its own pace, unfurling its secrets when it will.
  • Treasure this gift of life and this role of parenting and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! As Neil Postman said, “Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” They are our messengers of love.
  • Laugh out loud with them. Laughter magically pops suppressed emotions, yours and theirs.
  • Tell kids you love them. Every day! There is no stronger affirmation than “I love you,” especially when you’re mad at them. Love heals!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so perfect, Roma Khetarpal . "Kids are our messengers of love." What a beautiful way to put it. Thank you for this lovely post! Tools Of Growth
Mike Prochaska
Don’t blink it goes way to fast!
Mike Prochaska
And laugh! I have to remind so many dads to laugh at silly shit it goes fast

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