Pinching Pennies: 10 Reasons Why I Love Dollar Stores (and You Should, Too, No Matter What Your Income) by Dawn Taylor

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2 years ago

Pinching Pennies: 10 Reasons Why I Love Dollar Stores (and You Should, Too, No Matter What Your Income)

I am a single mom and have to find ways to save money. But even when I am rolling in the proverbial dough (OK, let's pretend I might someday roll in it) I always choose a dollar store to save money. There are many to choose from, but the true dollar store where everything costs a dollar (and sometimes less!) is the way to go.

No matter what your income, why throw away money on products you can get sometimes $3 or $4 cheaper, per item!!?? Here are my top 10 dollar store buys that make cents (see what I did there?):

  • Toothpaste: I am not talking a generic brand product, I am talking about exactly the same name brand in the same size that I have always bought at the pharmacy for $3 to $4. And for extra-white teeth, grab a box of baking soda.
  • Toilet Paper: Again, four rolls of a name brand for a buck. My butt has never been happier.
  • Over-the-counter Medicine: This one is a little trickier because you'll find your usual products here but in smaller quantity packaging. But even by buying several small packages, you still come out ahead. Your headache over spending too much money will be gone, too.
  • Toiletries: Body wash, moistened face wipes, cotton balls, oh my!! No, they are not always name brand but I am learning that a lot of the products are better and sometimes have the exact same ingredients without the fancy packaging. Trust me, your body will not know the difference!
  • Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover: I have always liked having nice painted nails, but since my marriage broke up several years ago, I have not had a single professional manicure or pedicure. I buy dollar store polish and remover, and tools for my home manicures all at the dollar store. I get asked all the time who does my nails. I tell them a very exclusive salon (my couch while I watch "The Bachelor"). 
  • Dish Soap: Hint: it is also my first name. For years I avoided buying it because who wants their name staring at them every morning reminding them how vain you are. Truth is, it is the best soap and the small bottles are only a dollar, so I buy a few at a time and they last forever. If it's good enough for an oil spill, it's good enough for me!
  • Kitchen Needs: From silverware (OK, whatever metal it is) to dish towels and oven mitts, my kitchen has everything I need to cook and set the table at a fraction of the cost of fancier stores. When I have guests for dinner, this is the way to go for matching everything without breaking the piggy bank.
  • Groceries: Another no-brainer here. So many things you can buy that are exactly the same as the grocery store. For $10 I can buy flour, sugar, tortilla chips, bread, pancake mix, ketchup, mustard, rice, taco sauce and pasta. That is a random list, there are literally hundreds of other food items. Although, I could probably throw something together from that list.
  • Summer Needs: Sunscreen, bug spray, toys for the beach, drinks, water bottles and even towels!! Let's be honest, kids often lose things at the beach, so if that happens you don't have to turn the car around to go back looking for that expensive towel. And of course, don't forget aloe for sunburns.
  • Gift CardsGift Bags and Everything Else Imaginable to Get Ready for Any Celebration: I have four kids born within two and a half weeks, three in the same week. I can buy everything I need for their birthdays and still buy them presents (my kids are so lucky).

So, there you have it!! Stop throwing away your hard earned money!! Instead throw it my way! 

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Toothpaste $3 & Up
Toilet Paper $6 & Up
Medications $5 & Up
Toiletries $5 & Up
Nail Polish $4 & Up
Dish Soap $2 & Up
Kitchen Needs $5 & Up
Groceries $2 & Up
Summer Needs $4 & Up
Gift Cards $10 & Up
Gift Bags $4 & Up

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Dawn Taylor
Anything to save money! Why spend more than you have to, I always say :)
Elisa Schmitz
Preach, Dawn Taylor ! Love your perspectives, thanks.
Dawn Taylor
Thank you <3
Anything to make our lives easier....when you have very little , you have to find ways to get by. :)
Tiffany Zook
Lilly likes to watch the dollar store hacks on YouTube 😂

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