College Fraud: Why the College Admission Scandal Cuts Me Deep by Danzel Blash

8 months ago
College Fraud: Why the College Admission Scandal Cuts Me Deep

Lost in the headlines of the college admissions scandal is every young person who gave his or her best to the college admissions process, yet was denied admission to his or her dream school because of someone else cheating in order to get in. I was that young person. 

I recall losing hours of sleep because my mom couldn't afford for me to go to college. I remember thinking I wasn't good enough to take the SATs. I remember busting my ass to get my paperwork in on time because I was paranoid that if I missed a deadline, I would lose my chance at a good education. I remember scraping together a college essay. I remember getting accepted and I remember feeling like I had to PROVE that I deserved to be there.

I recall scrubbing dishes with a whole band of people and busing tables so I could have money. I remember the highs and lows throughout the journey. Many of us share that experience. You may remember that grind, too!

I came to work in the Bronx with young people so I could help them navigate that experience. I became a social worker because the community I am from needs more black male advocates. Everything I preach is based on 110 percent effort, humility and passion. The assumption being, that the process rewards hard work.

When the college scandal news broke, I discovered I was wrong, and that cuts me deep.

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Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
So many are feeling just as you are right now, Danzel Blash . Thank you for sharing this. Your voice and perspective are important. I was so blessed to teach you and am blessed to know you now and to see you working with young people; how blessed THEY are.
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Thank you for sharing your very important and powerful perspective on this unprecedented situation, Danzel Blash . It is shocking and upsetting and disturbing and frustrating and so much more. I am grateful that you are using your voice to shine a light on the other side of this: those who were denied admission because of others' cheating. I am proud of what you have accomplished. And as the mom and stepmom of seven kids who earned their way into their respective schools, I am proud of every young person who works hard to achieve their goals. The process does reward hard work. It's just sad that others cheat in order to avoid that hard work and jump in front of those who actually do the work. Keep on being amazing. The world needs your light!

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