Being Kind Matters: Share Your Kindness Story & Join the "Dare To Be Kind" Movement! by Gabriella van Rij

Being Kind Matters: Share Your Kindness Story & Join the "Dare To Be Kind" Movement!

On November 1, 2018, I closed down my Beverly Hills home and hit the road with a camper car and my eyes fixed on the goal: showing how kindness can be used to create safer communities and healthier relationships. This ambitious tour requires hardiness, commitment, the drive to do something slightly crazy (it’s not just anyone who is willing to camp out in Walmart's parking lot for the night!).

The way I see it is that if I can help one person a day, then this Dare To Be Kind movement tour will be successful. Additionally, we hope to show how kindness can be used to improve communities and relationships. Another goal of the tour is to gather footage for the "Dare To Be Kind" TV show featuring not-for-profit associations doing a stellar job in their communities and people who've taken up the challenge of one act of kindness within their personal 2-mile radius.

Do you have a kindness story to share? Tell me in the comments below and I might feature it on our Dare To Be Kind site or on our upcoming TV show!

Donna John
What a wonderful thing you're doing!! We are so excited to help you shine a light on your movement, Gabriella van Rij . Kindness does matter.
Ann Marie Patitucci
How wonderful, Gabriella van Rij ! Thanks for sharing this with us! Welcome to our community of writers! #KindnessMatters
Elisa Schmitz
You are so inspiring, Gabriella van Rij ! Thrilled to have you in our community of writers, and can't wait to chat with you next week!
Elisa Schmitz
Gabriella van Rij , I am so inspired. On our United flight home from Seattle, the pilot realized there would be no food on the plane (not sure why). So he bought 50 sandwiches for passengers on his 4-hour flight to Chicago! Amazing act of kindness and leadership by example. He also kept us informed of turbulence, flight delays and if people were going to miss their connections. He reminded us that we were all in the same boat (plane?), and that we should treat each other with kindness. It was a remarkable attitude of service and grace in the friendly skies. I was amazed, and shared my experience with United and also on social media (where United reps acknowledged it and said they would pass along the kudos). I am now looking for ways to shine a light on everyday heroes like this. Wherever I see an act of kindness or an employee going out of their way, I am going to let their boss know and otherwise try to pay it back (and forward). Thank you for inspiring me!

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