How to Deal With Angry Kids: 5 Ways to Help Stay Calm When Your Child Is Full of Rage by Barb Desmarais

5 years ago

How to Deal With Angry Kids: 5 Ways to Help Stay Calm When Your Child Is Full of Rage

Dealing with a child that is full of anger and rage? When we meet rage with rage, we get nowhere. We are simply fueling the fire. When we meet rage with calm, we are much more likely to de-escalate a battle of words. 

In order to meet our angry child with calm energy, we have to know how to create inner peace. Here are some ways to help us create inner peace so we can respond rather than react: 

  • listening to quiet music

We also set an example of effective communication.

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Elisa Schmitz
Wonderful post, Barb Desmarais . Staying calm in the face of kid rage is not easy. Thank you for sharing your wisdom - parents need it!
Barb Desmarais
You’re so welcome Elisa. I’m honoured to be a contributor.
Anne Marie Tarjan Robbins
I think it’s also worth looking into the root issues causing the anger. While we need to stay calm and lead by example, we need to help our kids figure out what the problem is.

I k ow for one of my boys, the anger was so concerning to me, I finally had the right doctor figure out that he had fight or flight issues and was able to add supplements. Within a few months I saw a huge change. Huge! Then I was able to better help him deal with the root issues that were still there.

It’s so difficult.
Kelly Spiller
What kind of supplements??
Anne Marie Tarjan Robbins
You know, he's on a variety of supplements for lung inflammation, asthma, adrenal fatigue and fight or flight. They are all very very specific to his issues.

For me, I'm on SamE 400mg, Vit. D3 and others. He and I are on different adrenal supplements too as we have different issues and the one I am on doesn't work with his body.

Pharma Gaba is a good one too. It helps calm the mind. I take one or two at night before going to bed. It slows my brain down.

I think the deeper issue that some don't see is that there is a huge gut issue. We have neurotransmitters in our guts, a little brain really. Healing the gut will help with other issues. It's such a long and complicated process.

I'm sorry I can't give you a specific one. Our doctor tests down the very little part of where the problem is and then matches the exact supplement to that. Not all supplements work the same.
Barb Desmarais
You make a good point Anne Marie. That would be a great topic for another tip - addressing our children's anger. There’s always a root cause.
Anne Marie Tarjan Robbins
Thank you, Barb. The root causes are hard to get to as well.
Elisa Schmitz
That is amazing about the supplements, Anne Marie Tarjan Robbins . I wish you would share some of your experiences and contribute to 30Seconds! We’d love to have you join our community of writers. I agree, Barb Desmarais - the root cause would be a wonderful topic for a tip. Thank you for all you share with us!

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