New Experiences: 5 Activities That Encourage Friendship, Family & Community by Marge Jesberger

5 years ago

New Experiences: 5 Activities That Encourage Friendship, Family & Community

Many of us are creatures of habit, but we can change it up by adding some new experiences to our days and weeks. Here are some possibilities that will bring you closer to family, friends and community:

  • Show Off Your Family's Heritage: Fly a flag or banner that signifies your special ethnic or generational group. Learn more about your family's country of origin.
  • Sign Up As an Alternate for a Local Sports Team: You will meet new people and won't have to commit to being there every week. I did this for a bowling team when someone was ill or on vacation. The team was happy they didn't have to forfeit a game because of a missing member.
  • Pass Down a Silly Trophy or Certificate: A few ideas are "Biggest Fish Caught," "Greatest Garden" or "Best Family Recipe." The winner will get bragging rights for a year.
  • Remind Yourself to Laugh Every Day: Clip cartoons from your newspaper or make computer printouts. Put them on mirrors or your car dashboard to remember to laugh out loud.
  • Been There, Done That: Make a list of things you've accomplished over the years. Did you organize a bake sale? Raise a family? Sing in a choir? Coach a baseball team? Now look back at your wonderful life so far.

How do you bring your family, friends and community closer together? Share below! 

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Tiffany Zook
On Sunday afternoon, our church family challenged a neighboring church to a kickball game. I’m turning an old trophy into a silly prize for this first annual “Turkey Bowl”.
Sheri B Doyle
This sounds like so much fun!
Sheri B Doyle
We try to volunteer for community projects for different experiences as well. These are great ideas to add to our life. Thanks!
Elisa Schmitz
I love these ideas, Marge Jesberger ! So creative and fun. We volunteer too, Sheri B Doyle . It exposes us to enriching experiences. I love your idea for the trophy, Tiffany Zook . Have fun!

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