Cooking Across the Miles: Here's a Fun Way to Keep in Touch With Friends & Family by Melinda Sharp

Cooking Across the Miles: Here's a Fun Way to Keep in Touch With Friends & Family

My daughter was brainstorming ideas to stay in touch with her mother-in-law who lives in a different state. We bantered back this or that while we were in Target. (Why can I not buy only one thing in Target?? No self-control.) We were looking for the cookbook, Magnolia Table, and she bought two copies and I bought a copy. We decided it would be fun to all connect by selecting recipes from the book and sharing our outcomes through texting and pictures.

I can't tell you how much fun this is and how I feel closer to my daughter than ever before  and am getting to know her mother-in-law, too! Plus, at least I am trying something new in the kitchen (I'm not a very creative nor even good cook, especially in trying new recipes). I added my own challenge each time we select a recipe by trying to make it with the best ingredients at the lowest price, so it forces me to shop better.

As the holidays come around again, I am going to reach out to my friends who are far and wide and invite us to stay connected by sharing meals from the same cookbook. Long live family and friends and sharing meals together!

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Donna John
What a great idea!! Love it. I own "Magnolia Table," and would love to know what recipes you've tried and how they turned out. Melinda Sharp
Melinda Sharp
Started with Jo Jo's Biscuits. Everyone's turned out fine. Except mine. lol I am still trying to get it really right. I'm improving! Since breakfast is my favorite (any time of day!) I am doing the quiche recipes and they are really good!!! We skip around. The spinach artichoke dip is delicious - try that!!!
Donna John
Biscuits will be the first recipe I make. I really want to make the pimento cheese, too. Will try the dip!
This is such a good idea! We love buying "cooking stuff" for my mother-in-law and I bet she would love it more if we cooked "with" her to compare and discuss! Great tip! Thank you for sharing!
Elisa Schmitz
What a wonderful idea to stay connected across the miles! Meals bind people together. This is brilliant to put the two things together, Melinda Sharp !
Melinda Sharp
Thank you - I owe it to my daughter. She is so much smarter than her mother! And the fact is no one really likes eating alone. So, if you and a friend try a recipe together it's the next best thing to having a dinner companion.
Elisa Schmitz
Ha, yes, my kids outsmart me most of the time, too! Love it, Melinda Sharp !
Rick St. Peter
That's a great idea!! Also I have the opposite reaction when I am in Target: Why can't I buy everything!! Welcome to the Tribe!
Melinda Sharp
I'm like that in bookstores!

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