Sexual Assault Is No Joke: What Would You Do If a Loved One Was Assaulted? by Laurie Balles Simpson

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4 years ago
Sexual Assault Is No Joke: What Would You Do If a Loved One Was Assaulted?

Hey, you. Yeah, you! I’m betting that you have people you love. The people that you can picture the pain on their face even if you don’t see it in person. Those that have picked you up when you were in pain when you tried to hide it, fight it or forget it. You know that person who you feel heartbroken for and cry and worry for in private, but in person you put on an encouraging, supportive face for because you know that’s what they need. I know there has to be those people in your life that you love and would do anything for.

What in the hell would you do if they came to you and shared that they were sexually assaulted?

Would you still post memes joking about sexual assault to prove your political point? Would you? If it was you daughter or son? Your best friend? Your sister or brother? 

Or, would you pause for a moment and consider: How would he feel if I did that? How does she feel right now under these circumstances? Is she crying in the car because the assault she experienced is now blazing through her mind as she relives the questions and judgement she received from herself and others comes crashing through?

What WOULD you do?

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Excellent post, Laurie Balles Simpson . I love the power in this. Because yes, everyone has someone they love. And I’m sure they don’t stop to think about what they would do if that person was sexually assaulted. Where is the empathy? The knowing what is right? Truly baffling and beyond hurtful. Thank you for making us stop and think. The time is now to make change. Your voice is heard. Let’s keep amplifying our message and make a difference. The time is now. 💗 #metoo #timesup #IBelieveYou
Laurie Balles Simpson
The incredible lack of empathy is appalling. I was driven to write this out of a need to do something...say something. I will continue! #metoo #timesup #IBelieveYou
Shannon Richardson
Mmm...I do indeed know someone and have been sitting with her and giving her Reiki for the first time over the last week as a new memory of her assault(s) 4 years ago has come to light and knocked the wind out of her. Even those closest to her are like, “What? This again? Aren’t you over that? Makes me so mad! My heart aches for her all over. Be there for her, people. EVERY.TIME.
Julie Rose
Thank you for writing this ❤️

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