Bullied at School: Listen to Your Kids Because It Just May Save Their Lives by Morgan Hawthorne

Bullied at School: Listen to Your Kids Because It Just May Save Their Lives

My 10-year-old is one of those children who always seems happy. He shakes things off and keeps on going with life … until this year. I noticed that he was smiling less and dreading school (which he has always loved) more and more. I started asking Aiden and his teacher what was going on and found out that he was being severely bullied – and no one told me.

A week later he was pulled into the woods and beat up. I called the principal who told me that no one witnessed it, so it didn't happen. A month later his face was smashed in by a child on the bus so badly that we were forced to throw away his blood-drenched clothes. Again, no one saw who did it so no one was reprimanded.

Last Friday was the last straw when he was shoved into a bucket in gym class while children circled him, teased him and beat him. The gym teacher saw nothing. I pulled Aiden from that school and we switched counties and schools.

Some adults at school are not protecting our children. Pay attention. This is how suicide starts – by people feeling all alone with no way out. Please talk to your children every day after school. Make sure that they know that there are adults who love them. You might just safe their life.

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Donna John
I am so so sorry your son had to go through that, Morgan Hawthorne . My heart goes out to him and your family. It's so sad to me that you had to take such drastic action to get your son protected. School should be a safe place.
Morgan Hawthorne
Absolutely, and thank you so very much! I'm hoping that the school board handles it from here!
Gina Pomering
This is wrong on so many levels! Every adult failed him in that school. Because he tried and was told by the actions he didn’t matter!
He is a good boy and he did what he was supposed to , no one should ever feel alone least of all your smart wonderful son! His friendship has meant the world to our son and to all of us. I wish I had a way to make it all go away but he will be so much better off... Remember, u NEVER know what someone is going through and please just BE Kind!
Jessica Acree
So glad YOU were listening and paying attention! This is so horrible. NO child should ever have to experience this. It makes me angry that the other children likely don't have parents who are paying attention to THEIR behavior and correcting the problem before it gets to this level. I hope your son is a million times happier in his new school... xoxo
Morgan Hawthorne
My son and I have always been extremely close, so I think that I caught on pretty early on. It was all just very sad!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
OMG! I am so sorry to hear this, Morgan Hawthorne . While I am horribly upset by the kids' actions, I am livid at the adults in the situation who let this go on. No child should be bullied, ever, and if there is even a whiff of it going on, adults in charge need to make change immediately. I am sorry you had to move, but it sounds like you did what you needed to do for your child. Sending lots of positive energy and hugs to you and your family (and brave son)!! xoxo
Morgan Hawthorne
The adults failed him completely and that makes it all so much worse. We have raised him to respect and follow teachers and trusted adults and everyone except his teacher really let him down.
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
My heart breaks for you and Aiden. I hate that the adults at school failed him, @morgan. You're so right; we have to listen to our kids and notice the little things. You are doing the right thing for your sweet boy, Mama. He's lucky to have you!
Morgan Hawthorne
Thank you sweet friend!!!!💗

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